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Innovation for me is to create the unimagined. Something no-one has thought of before. It doesn't necessarily have to be a product. It can be anything, a service, a new way of putting things together. For example, if a chef is capable of creating a taste that no-one was able to come up with before, that's innovating to me. Of course, it has to be awesome.
Dennis Schäfer, Founder Fox+Rabbit Innovation Design

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5 reasons why to use Finder tags
6 min read

I’ve started working with Finder tags a few months ago and I wouldn’t want to go back to the time before using them. Back then, I was pretty much aware of their presence in Finder, knew what tags are used for in general and how to use them in Finder on Mac. As I explained in one of my other articles Working with Finder tags on macOS, they intrigued me. Except, I wasn’t sure about the benefits.
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How to add a shortcut for Finder tags
2 min read

One of the, I believe, lesser known tricks about using Finder tags on macOS, is the ability to assign tags to one or several files using keyboard shortcuts. This allows directly opening the tags menu similar to a context menu for a selected file. The tag search field gets the keyboard focus, so you can immediately start tagging without touching your mouse. However, this is not enabled by default for whatever reason.
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Running low on disk space on your Mac
7 min read

It's no secret that disk space for Macs is expensive. For example, if you decide to purchase a 13" MacBook Air with 256 GB SSD, you have to pay an additional $200 / 250 € compared to the 128 GB SSD model. Although, you can use cloud storage services like Dropbox, Box, iCloud and alike, you will quickly reach the limits with 256 GB or even quicker with 128 GB, in particular when making a lot of photos or videos. Usually, macOS will confirm this by telling you Your startup disk is almost full.
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